Our Design Partner, FMA Direct

Our in-house staff of engineers is constantly at work developing new products, and improving existing designs for the R/C industry.

  Revolectrix | Radio Control Electronic components for the Hobbyist
  • DPL8T
  • PL8T
  • DPL6T
  • PL6T
  • MPA-4P
  • REVO IR Meter
  • BUMP Controller
  • GT1000
  • GT1000DUO
  • GT1200
  • GT500DUO
  • GT500
  • Multi4
  • Cellpro 10XP
  • PL6
  • PL8
  • DPL8x2
  • LiPo Batteries
1 DPL8T2 PL8T3 DPL6T4 PL6T5 MPA-4P6 REVO IR Meter7 BUMP Controller8 GT10009 GT1000DUO10 GT120011 GT500DUO12 GT50013 Multi414 Cellpro 10XP15 PL616 PL817 DPL8x218 LiPo Batteries19

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