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Our in-house staff of engineers is constantly at work developing new products, and improving existing designs for the R/C industry, as well as commercial and military clientele.


Engineering Passion Brings Cellpro 10s Charger to Life

Say hello to the Cellpro 10s Charger.

FMA Direct has combined the features of Full Power Balancing with new capabilities never before seen in a LiPo charger. Experience, passion, and unprecedented design features are wrapped up in this unique product from FMA Direct.

Up to 10A Max Charge Current
Continuous Power 312W input 250W output at 15V
Displays Individual Cell Internal Resistance to 0.1 mohm Resolution (Battery Quality Indicator, a feature exclusive to the Cellpro 10s charger)
Charges Lithium Polymer or A123 Cells (variable charge rates for both LiPo and A123 cells). Charges 1 Pack of 1s-10s or 2 Packs of 1s-5s Simultaneously
Includes Start/Stop Button
Backlit Liquid Crystal Display
Supports 2-way P.C. Interface
Drive the Charger from the P.C.
Access Advanced Features from the P.C. (Setup Custom Presets, Adjust Speaker Volume, LCD Contrast, and More)
Internet Upgradability (IU) Feature -- No need to send the charger to the factory for firmware upgrades again. Do it over the internet.
FMA’s Cellpro Node Connector is a key part of the system. It enables the charger to monitor individual cells and independently charge each cell to its optimum level.
The Cellpro 10s charger may be used to charge any brand of Lithium pack using either the Cellpro adapters or pigtails. The charger includes two 5s output connectors and includes two simple 5s-to-4s adapters. This enables automatic support for any current Cellpro 2s-4s battery sold in the past. These extra accessories also enable you to connect any of the existing Cellpro 4s adapters for other brand batteries with the Cellpro 10s charger.
Using the Cellpro 10s Charge Control Software, the charger can be set to work with virtually any good, regulated power supply, even if the power supply is not designed for high power. By entering current capability; e.g., 1-25A, the charger will automatically adjust the maximum charge current to protect the programmed power supply. There is also a simple procedure that can be performed at the field to reset the input power supply to the factory default (25A) if a PC is not available. You might need to do this, if for example, you use a small AC power supply at home, but you want full charge current from your car battery at the field. This powerful feature allows you to decide how much money to spend on your power supply.

In addition to the unique features listed above, the new Cellpro 10S charger has all the features found in the FMA Cellpro 4S charger:
Faster Auto Charge rates (1.0C, 2.0C, and 3.0C), permit safe charging Lipo batteries at up to a 3C charge rate. This is only possible with FMA Direct cell-balancing technology which incorporates integrated, highly-accurate cell monitoring and balancing during charge.
Unprecedented Accuracy
Fuel Gauge Readout
Simple, easy to use one button user interface
Unparalleled Safety
Self Diagnostics
Storage Charge Mode
Safety Charge Mode
Support for long battery extensions
Cold Weather Mode


Battery technology continues to evolve at a fast pace. In an attempt to update our advertisements so that
potential purchasers have complete and current information about all posted features of this charger,
we are providing additional information here based on feedback from existing customers.