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Cellpro 10s Charger


Cellpro 10s Lithium Charger

Cellpro 10s, 10A Lithium Balancing Charger

Part Number: LC10S10ADC

In addition to all the great features found in the original Cellpro 4s charger, the new 10 AMP version is designed from the ground up for super-safe, super-fast charging! With support for up to 10A max charge rates and new faster Auto Charge rates (1.0C, 2.0C, and 3.0C), the 10s is capable of safely charging one or two lithium battery packs at up to a 3C charge rate. FMA Direct recommends 3C max charge rates for good quality, high discharge rate batteries of 12C or higher.

Because the Cellpro 10s supports only lithium battery chemistries, it is extremely straigh-forward and easy to use. It does not support multiple chemistries and therfore does not require all of the extra baggage such a charger requires in terms of buttons, menus, options, etc. For many, this unique product is the perfect choice in a 200W class charger. This is literally a plug and play device. After connecting the batteries to the charger, charging commences with the press of a button. Because it is a Cellpro, it is designed to be safe first and foremost. It is virtually impossible to damage batteries with the Cellpro 10s charger. It will not let you make a mistake. It must see all the cells in the pack and the sum of the cell voltages must equal the total pack voltage. It is ideal for charging one or two LiPo, LiIon, or A123 type batteries. When two packs are connected to the 10s, it automatically interconnects them in series internally inside of the charger. It essentially "sees" all the individual cells as one pack of cells. It can handle 2s-5s on either or both balance charge ports, or it can handle up to a 10s battery pack using both ports. Node only charging (charging using the balance connector only) is available by inserting the plug blocker (pictured at left) across the main pack output banana jacks. Charge current is limited to 4A maximum in this configuration. To achieve the full 10A max output current, connect both the balance connectors and the main leads from the pack(s) to the banana jacks. While the Cellpro 10s can handle charging two packs of different capacities or charge states, it is mainly intended to support 2 pack charging when the packs are the same or similar capacity and state of charge, such as 2 x 4s packs which are wired together in series or parallel during operation in an electric aircraft.

The Cellpro charger supports the direct connection of all Cellpro Revolectrix battery packs. In addition, FMA currently sells 4s adapters separately to interface with various manufacturer's battery packs up to 4s configurations. If you already own a Cellpro 4s, Cellpro GOLD, or Cellpro Multi4 charger, you may have the adapters you need already. These adapters may be used with the new 10s charger for packs up to 4s by connecting through the 5s-to-4s adapters that come standard with every Cellpro 10s charger. FMA also offers Cellpro 10s adapters for other manufacturer's 2S to 6S packs for use with the Cellpro 10s directly. Two adapters are required to charge two packs using the Cellpro 10s charger. Click here to view the Adapters page. A customer may also adapt to his larger battery packs (over 6s) by installing the 6 pin Cellpro balancing connectors (CPBP6P-10) or a combination of the 5 pin Cellpro balancing connector (CPBP7) and the CPBP6P-10 to his battery packs directly. All current and future Cellpro Revolectrix branded battery packs will adhere to the following conventions for the above connectors. We recommend that customers adhere to the standards we have defined when re-wiring battery packs using the Cellpro battery pigtails. Click here to view a pictorial diagram of Cellpro battery standard wiring conventions corresponding to the following summary:

Number of Cells





1 CPBP6P-10


1 CPBP7 and 1 CPBP6P-10


2 CPBP6P-10