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Cellpro CP10XP PC Charge Control Software (CCS) supports Windows 7 or higher, most popular browsers, and installs from the Revolectrix website. In order to physically interconnect the CP10XP to a PC, a separate PC USB Interface is required; REVO PN: FUIM3.

IMPORTANT: If you have a dial up connection and you use a dial up accelerator, disable it before proceeding. After installation, you may also need to disable it any time you launch the Cellpro CP10XP Charge Control Software in order to receive updates without problems.

To install the Revolectrix CP10XP CCS, click:

Install Cellpro CP10XP Charge Control Software

The above link to the installer program will first check your computer for Microsoft .NET. If it is not already present, it will automatically install the latest version from the Microsoft website. After .NET is installed, the CCS will install and launch.

After the Charge Control Software launches:

1) Connect the USB plug of the FUIM3 PC USB interface into any available USB port. Windows 7 or higher will automatically detect the device and install the correct driver.

2) In the CCS Application, make sure "Comm:" (bottom left corner) is set to "Auto".

3) Next, apply power to the charger, then plug the 3 wire servo pigtail of the FUIM3 into the mating header labeled "TO PC", being careful to observe proper polarity (as labeled on the top of the charger).

4) In the CCS Application, the text near the top of the application window should change from "No Data" to "Waiting to Start". The software is now installed, connected to the charger, and ready to use.

  © 2010 Revolectrix Once the software is installed, it will automatically check the Revolectrix website for updates every time it is started. Available firmware updates are rolled into the PC software updates and may be applied from the Firmware tab of the CCS.