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Cellpro 4s GOLD Charger


Cellpro 4s GOLD Lithium Charger

Cellpro 4s GOLD 4A, Lithium Balancing Charger

Part Number: LIPOCH4S04-GOLD

The Cellpro 4s GOLD charger directly supports all Cellpro Revolectrix battery packs. FMA sells adapters separately to interface with various manufacturer's batteries. Click here to view the Adapters page. Click here to view a pictorial diagram of Cellpro battery standard wiring conventions.

The new FMA Direct/Revolectrix Cellpro 4s GOLD Charger is part of a revolutionary new lower-cost Li battery and charge system for R/C aircraft and other Lithium batteries. Based on the ever-popular original Cellpro 4s charger, the added features, hardware and software improvements, and reliability enhancements of the new GOLD version puts it well ahead of the competition in the 50W class of chargers. But we kept everything you loved about the original. Safe, accurate, reliable, and simple to use, this one is hard to beat. With included AUTO 1C, 2C, 3C charge mode, or selectable manual current charge rates of up to 4 amps, this plug and play charger brings your Lithium packs up to charge with unprecedented safety all at an afforable price! No knobs or jumpers to set, no fancy and complicated menu systems - the cell count cannot be wrong! Many competitors have tried to copy this one, but few have succeeded in terms of quality or accuracy.

Whether you are a first
time R/C flyer, or a long-timer looking for a second charger, or simply do not require the higher power available in other Cellpro models, the new Cellpro 4s GOLD may be the perfect choice for you. Capable of charging any Li chemistry battery (LiPo, LiMn, A123) from 1s through 4s packs, the simple one-button interface is designed to get you where you need to go FAST! If you charge the same kind of batteries all the time, it's even better. The Cellpro 4s GOLD remembers the last used settings and starts charging just as soon as you connect a battery. After the charge process begins, the same button lets you view all of the important data about the battery being charged. With a few button clicks, view information like mAh put back into the pack, individual cell voltages, and much more! When the charger says "DONE", just disconnect the battery. It's as simple as charging your cell phone battery!

The FREE and revised Cellpro 4s GOLD Viewer Software is also available for Microsoft Windows and will allow you to view all charging information at a glance in one window on your PC, as well as view and save graphs of battery voltage. Last but not least, the Cellpro 4s GOLD now operates with the FUIM3 2-way PC USB interface (sold seperately or in combos). This means the GOLD supports automatic internet updates (IU) for firmware. Keep your charger up-to-date with the proven reliability of FMA Direct's IU at the click of a button.