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Revolectrix BUMP Controller

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Revolectrix BUMP Controller

    Major Features

  • Simple, intuitive color touchscreen user interface

  • Complete charger setup with a simple "bump" of the battery ... just bump, connect, and press Go

  • No need to configure or select presets although native PowerLab operation is still possible for non-BumpTag equipped batteries

  • Optimizes charger settings for each individual battery, speeds up the charging setup process

  • Reduces accidental mistakes that could lead to expensive (and potentially dangerous) battery damage

  • Automatic calculation for parallel charging, even for different battery capacities and C-ratings

  • Each BumpTag contains the full factory ratings of the battery (write-once), as well as user preferences and settings that can be changed at any time

  • Each BumpTag contains a unique ID which enables automatic battery history and performance tracking - battery cycle history is automatically cached and uploaded to the mobile app whenever it connects via Bluetooth

  • Works with all existing Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 6, PowerLab 8v2, and Dual PowerLab (8x2) Battery Workstations

  • Connect up to 4 PowerLab Workstations to a single BumpController (any combination of PL models)

  • Supported Chemistries: LiPo (including LiHV), LiFe, Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCd, and Pb

  • Supported Operations: Accurate Charge, Normal Charge, Fastest Charge, Discharge, Storage Charge, Analyze Cycle

  • Analyze Cycle allows battery performance characteristics (Fuel Table, actual capacity, IR, etc.) to be stored back to the BumpTag for accurate fuel level and cycle time estimates

  • The Bump Controller can serve as a remotely-mounted user interface for the PowerLab Battery Workstations, allowing the chargers to be completely hidden inside a charging case or beneath charging tables/benches. This frees up valuable workspace for batteries, connectors, adapters, parallel adapters, etc.

    * Please note: all specifications and features listed above subject to change without notice.