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Revolectrix BUMP Controller

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Revolectrix BUMP Controller


  • The Bump user interface is all about making battery operations fast, intuitive, safe, and even enjoyable

  • The Bump Controller takes complete control over the PowerLab, including settings and firmware updates

  • Enables a modular charging system where PowerLab Battery Workstations can be completely hidden from the user and only the Bump Controller needs to be exposed - perfect for custom charger cases or modular charging systems

  • Flexible User Interface: Multiple ways of starting battery operations

  • 1. BumpTags: Simple, intuitive Bump-and-Go charging

    2. Battery Presets: Presets are stored locally in the Bump Controller instead of on BumpTags, but enable all the same features, minus individual battery history tracking

    3. Manual Operation: Manual allows quick and easy one-off charging tasks - just provide the basic charger settings (chemistry, cell count, amps, etc.) and hit Go

  • BumpTags and Presets support independent settings for Accurate/Normal/Fast Charge, Storage, Discharge operations - very customizable

  • Parallel charging has never been so easy - just Bump multiple packs of equal or different capacities, and hit Go

  • View status of all 4 chargers in a single view

  • Automatic Battery Health Warnings: Since the BumpTags or Battery Presets contain all of the important specs of the battery, the Bump Controller automatically tracks the health of the pack and warns if performance is degrading (cell IR, capacity, etc.)

  • Multi-pack setup allows batteries consisting of multiple packs to be charged and tracked as a single battery (Ex: 12S pack charged as 2x 6S packs)


  • Wireless remote monitoring over Bluetooth (range depends on device, typical range is 15-50 feet)

  • Automatic Battery History upload and viewing - see charge graphs for every single charge for a given pack

  • Battery History analysis graphs - see how Cell IR, Capacity, or other characteristics are performing over the life of the pack

  • Battery History can be sync'd across multiple mobile devices using your DropBox cloud account

  • Automatic firmware updates over Bluetooth wireless for the Bump Controller and all PowerLab charger models - the latest firmware is bundled with every release of the app

  • BumpTag setup wizard for making new BumpTag programming even faster

  • Android app is available now in the Google Play store. View the BUMP Controller Resources tab for details.

  • Apple iOS app is available now in the Apple iTunes store. View the BUMP Controller Resources tab for details.

  • Windows 10 app is coming in 2018

    * Please note: all specifications and features listed above subject to change without notice.