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Revolectrix IR Meter

Revolectrix IR Meter

For Battery types: LiPo (2s to 6s) / LiPo HV (2s to 6s) / LiFePO4 (3s to 6s)

Battery Input Voltage: 7.40V to 26.10V

Cell internal resistance: < 250 mohm

Pack internal resistance: < 1 ohm

Input protection: 10A Fused

Mains connector: XT60

Balance connector: Modified JST XH series, 7 position max; accepts 2s-8s balance plugs on batteries

User Interface: Single, momentary, tactile push button switch

LCD: 2.6", 128 x 64 pixels graphic LCD with white LED backlight

Size: 95mm x 56mm x 26mm