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Dual PowerLab 8T Charger

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Dual PowerLab 8T 2700W Multi-Chemistry Workstation


  • Integrated Revolectrix BUMP Technology offers all the functionality of the original BUMP Controller including color, touch TFT LCD user interface, Near Field Communication (NFC) BUMPTag support, integrated USB, integrated Bluetooth 4LE to support most Android and iOS devices, and much more. For complete information on BUMP Technology and features, visit the original BUMP Controller product tab pages by clicking here.

  • Smart power management, which allows customer to select between programmable input power sources is enhanced with BUMP Integration and provides users the capability to define and recall up to 4 different input sources across PL PORTS 1-4.

  • Dual PowerLab 8T supports any JST XH balance connector-equipped battery pack directly and easily and safely supports parallel charging when used in conjunction with Revolectrix original 6 port or newer 4 port MPAs

  • Dual PowerLab 8T does not support charging through balance wires only. For balanced charging, unit requires balance wires in combination with discharge wires (charge rate support up to 40A max)

  • Initiate charge, discharge, monitor, and multiple cycles at the PL8T touch display or via compatible handheld devices when running available mobile BUMP Charge Control Software (CCS). Review detailed data in real time, graph all major operations, store pack history, and much more.

  • Free and reliable firmware updates for the life of the product managed automatically by the BUMP Controller interface; keeps the DPL8T "ENGINES" as well as the BUMP UI up-to-date when connected to a handheld device via USB or Bluetooth and running the mobile CCS App

  • External PL PORTS 3 and 4 available to control legacy PowerLab Workstations; PL6, PL8v2, DPL(8x2)

  • BUMP User Interface supports multiple operating modes ranging from Manual, to conventional preset operation, to full BUMP mode whereby all pack charging parameters are programmed to a BUMPTag, attached to each battery pack, then just BUMP > CONNECT > GO!

  • 0.1mohm voltage resolution allows accurate four point internal resistance measurement of each cell

  • Supports regenerative discharge capability of up to 1350W per channel. Unlike traditional methods of discharge, which deplete the output battery's energy in the form of heat across a transistor, regenerative discharge takes most of that energy and puts it back into the input battery. In other words, when you discharge your LiPo for storage, you will be re-charging your Lead Acid input battery. The total amount of power that you can achieve is limited only by the amount of current that your input battery can accept, or 1350W, whichever is lower.

  • Dual PowerLab 8T is also equipped with a traditional, 95W per channel internal discharge capability which is non-regenerative.

  • 8AWG silicon input power cable terminating in an EC-5 female pin connector. A single input cable supplies input power to both channels. A plier clip assembly with EC-5 on one end and red/black plier clips on the other is available as an accessory item.

  • Massive sendust core toroid capable of 40A continuous input current requirement for maximum output specifications


  • Wireless remote monitoring over Bluetooth (range depends on device, typical range is 15-50 feet)

  • Automatic Battery History upload and viewing - see charge graphs for every single charge for a given pack

  • Battery History analysis graphs - see how Cell IR, Capacity, or other characteristics are performing over the life of the pack

  • Battery History can be sync'd across multiple mobile devices using your DropBox cloud account

  • Automatic firmware updates over Bluetooth wireless for the Bump Controller and all PowerLab charger models - the latest firmware is bundled with every release of the app

  • BumpTag setup wizard for making new BumpTag programming even faster

  • Android app is available now in the Google Play store. View the BUMP Controller Resources tab for details.

  • Apple iOS app is available now in the Apple iTunes store. View the BUMP Controller Resources tab for details.

  • Windows 10 app is coming in 2018

    * Please note: all specifications and features listed above subject to change without notice.