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    Dual PowerLab (8x2) Calculator 3 - what current can I discharge using regenerative discharge and my input battery?
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    I am using regenerative discharge on a single channel. Following are the specifications of the Li battery pack connected to one of the outputs:
    No. Cells in Battery Pack
    (range is 1-8)
    Nominal Cell Voltage
    (range is 3 - 4)
    I want to discharge at the following maximum current:    
    Maximum discharge current (A)
    (range is 0.010-40)
    At what nominal current will the Dual PowerLab (8x2) be re-charging my input Pb battery prior to the time when it reaches CV charging?
    No. Cells Avg. Cell V During Disch
    Efficiency (Worst Case) Desired Output (A)
    Answer: IMPORTANT: now make sure your input battery can handle the current calculated below!
    Input Battery Voltage (V) 12
    12.5 13 24 26 48
    Input Battery Current (A)