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What is Expansion Channel Mode?

EXPANSION CHANNEL MODE – So, you're considering buying a dual channel charger? Did you know that up to 16 PowerLabs can be networked together running Expansion Channel Mode? Every unit you purchase is already set up as a Primary. Each additional unit can easily be programmed as an Expansion Channel. The Primary sends the currently selected preset out to each Expansion Channel. The only buttons you press after that are the Primary's. Start any operation and each unit begins to charge, discharge, cycle, or monitor the packs connected. Every PowerLab you connect as an Expansion unit adds it's power to the total. Two units running Expansion Channel Mode is like having a 2000W+ dual channel charger! We even designed the cases to be inter-locking.

Notes: each battery connected to each PowerLab must be the same chemistry, but they can be different cell counts and different capacities. Expansion Channel Mode requires both PowerLabs to be the same model (PL6 with PL6, or PL8 with PL8).

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PowerLab Expansion Channel Combos now shipping from REVO USA! Look for Combo 5 in the online store