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GT1000DUO Charger

GT1000DUO 2000W Multi-Chemistry Charger

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GT1000/GT1000DUODUO User Guide
Full version PDF

For older versions of the GT1000/GT1000DUODUO User Guide, click here
Full version PDF

Free GT1000/GT1000DUO "Firmware Update Utility" PC Software
The free Microsoft Windows application (not required for operation) is compatible with Win7 and above. The Utility enables fast and reliable upgrading of the GT1000DUO firmware when the PC is connected to the charger via its embedded USB interface (no dongles required). With embedded USB support, connecting to a PC for this purpose has never been easier!

Compatible Parallel Adapters
GT Series Supports the Revolectrix SPA and MPA Safe Parallel Adapters. Look for the MPA Combo in the online stores! For more information about these unique Safe Parallel Adapters, see "Native XH Adapters" at the above link (bottom of the page).