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    PowerLab 6 Calculator 1 - at what current can I charge using my existing power supply?  
    Enter Data in the yellow fields
    Answers are provided in green fields
    My Power Supply has the following Specifications:    
    Power SupplyVoltage (V)
    (range must be 11 - 32 VDC)
    Power Supply Current (A)
    (min is 1)
    I want to charge the following Li battery pack:      
    No. Cells in Battery Pack
    (range is 1-6)
    Fully Charged Cell Voltage
    (range is 3.65 - 4.2)
    At what maximum charge current will PowerLab 6 charge my battery?    
    Supply Voltage Supply Current
    Input Current (A) No. Cells Fully Charged Cell Voltage Efficiency (Worst Case) Max Output Current (A)