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    PowerLab 8 v2 Calculator 2 - what kind of power supply do I need to charge my LiPo at a current I specify?
    Enter Data in the yellow fields
    Answers are provided in green fields
    I have a Li battery with the following specifications:    
    No. Cells in Battery Pack
    (range is 1-8)
    Fully Charged Cell Voltage
    (range is 3.65 - 4.2)
    I want to charge at the following maximum current:    
    Maximum charge current (A)
    (range is 0.010-40)
    What is the minimum power supply I can use to achieve this output current?    
    No. Cells Full Charged Cell Volts
    Efficiency (Worst Case) Desired Output (A)
    Power Supply Voltage (V) 12
    13.8 15 24 26.35
    Power Supply Current (A)