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The PowerLab Touch Series PC Firmware Update Utility installs from the Revolectrix website.

Please note, the Firmware Update Utility requires Microsoft Windows 7 or higher. The Revolectrix software also requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 in order to install, launch and run semi-automatic updates. During installation, the installer will first check your computer for .NET 4.0. If it is not already present, it will automatically install it fom the Microsoft website. After .NET is installed, the Revolectrix software will install and launch.

IMPORTANT: If you use a dial up connection and you use a dial up accelerator, disable it before proceeding. After installation, you may also need to disable it any time you launch the BC Firmware Update Utility in order to receive updates without problems. .NET Click-once application installations are currently supported by most browsers.
To install the Revolectrix software click:

Install PowerLab Touch Series Firmware Update Utility

Once the Firmware Update Utility launches, do not connect the USB cable to the PC's USB port or to the charger yet. Click on the link in the bottom left corner of the main program window titled "Download USB Driver". Follow the on-screen instructions to install the correct driver for your Windows operating system. With the application running, click the main menu option Help > Instructions and follow the steps listed to update your BC firmware. For more help, visit the product's FAQ section or contact technical support.

  © 2015 Revolectrix Once the software is installed, it will automatically check the Revolectrix
website for updates every time it is started. Firmware updates are
rolled into the PC software updates.