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Revolectrix BUMP Controller

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Revolectrix BUMP Controller

Revolectrix BUMP Controller

Base Part Number: BC-100



BUMP is an exclusive new Revolectrix concept for Battery Management. The BUMP Controller utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology to communicate with any battery equipped with a BUMP Compliant Tag, or "BumpTag". The BumpTags will be pre-installed and pre-configured on most Revolectrix batteries in the near future. BumpTags will also be available for sale separately, so a customer can configure them for use with any battery of his choosing using the BUMP Controller. Once a tag is programmed for any given battery, a simple "BUMP" of the battery on the BUMP Controller configures any Revolectrix PowerLab Battery Workstation to the ideal settings for performing all battery management tasks. The BUMP Controller can independently address up to 4 PowerLab units (or channels of the Dual PowerLab 8) - each PowerLab connected is able to operate completely independent of the others.


  • High-brightness, 2.8" QVGA TFT LCD with resistive touchscreen

  • Integrated BUMP wireless interface for configuring and reading BumpTags on batteries

  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0/LE support for wireless real-time monitoring, control, and firmware upgrades (Android, Apple iOS, and Windows mobile devices)

  • Integrated USB port for direct connection to Windows PC for firmware updates, as well as powering/charging mobile devices

  • Powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 main processor, plus dedicated co-processors for Bluetooth and NFC

  • Wide (10v-52v) input voltage range matches PowerLab Workstations for simple power setup (use standard EC-5 Y-cables to power the Bump Controller and PowerLabs simultaneously)


  • 1Q 2016 : Android Charge Control Software (CCS) Client initial release - monitoring, control and firmware updates (Bluetooth LE)

  • 1Q 2016 : Bump Controller support for native PowerLab presets (in addition to "BUMP" setup)

  • 2Q 2016 : Android CCS Client - battery history, graphing, reporting

  • 2Q 2016 : Bump Controller support for native PowerLab options and settings

  • 3Q 2016 : Apple iOS Client software initial release (Bluetooth LE))

  • 4Q 2016 : Windows Mobile CCS Client (Bluetooth LE)