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Co-Pilot II Flight Stabilization


Co-Pilot II Advanced Flight Stabilization System

CPII Computer Module (LxWxH): 1.754" x 1.115" x 0.460"
CPII Main Sensor (LxWxH): 0.965" x 0.965" x 0.360"
IRNet Router (LxWxH): 1.205" x 1.005" x 0.532" (not including mount tabs)

CPII Computer Module: 0.61 oz (19gm)
CPII Main Sensor: 0.23 oz (7gm)
IRNet Router: 0.26 oz (8gm)

Ratings: System will operate on normal R/C voltage range of approximately 3.5v to 6v.

Power Source: System is powered from your radio's receiver.

Outputs: Please be advised the CPII systems are designed to fit small helicopters without any additional components. For lager heli's and/or fixed wing aircraft, you may require standard aileron extensions for optimal placement of vertical and/or main sensors.

Applications: Adds safe and effective flight stabilization to any R/C model aircraft for assistance in learning new aerobatic manuevers, protecting your investment in case of electronic or mechanical failure, and assisting modelers of all experience and skill levels to just feel more confident when flying. Radio: The Co Pilot 2 is not an RF device and therefore it will operate with any type or brand of R/C radio system including AM, FM/PPM, PCM on any frequency as well as all 2.4GHz spread spectrum systems.