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Co-Pilot CPD4


Co-Pilot CPD4 2-Channel Flight Stabilization System

CPD4 Computer Module (LxWxH): 1.50" x 0.89" x 0.60"
CPD4 Sensor (LxWxH): 1.35" (octagonal) by 0.53" thick

System Weight:
less than 1 oz. (28 gm)

Ratings: System will operate on normal R/C voltage range of approximately 3.5v to 6v

Power Source: System is powered from your radio's receiver

Power Consumption: 5 mA, but be aware that during stabilization, servo current draw may be increased above "normal" levels

Inputs: Aileron (or rudder), Elevator, and AUX for Remote; remote may be a proportional knob or slider, or a 2 position switch for ON/OFF

Outputs: Normal servo connectors of types JR, Futaba, Hitec, or equivalents; 2 outputs for pitch and/or roll

Applications: Adds safe and effective flight stabilization to any R/C model aircraft for assistance in learning to fly, learning new aerobatic manuevers, protecting your investment in case of electronic or mechanical failure, and assisting modelers of all experience and skill levels to just feel more confident when flying.

Radio: The Co Pilot 2 is not an RF device and therefore it will operate with any type or brand of R/C radio system including AM, FM/PPM, PCM on any frequency as well as all 2.4GHz spread spectrum systems


1) The current CoPilot CPD4 does not handle CCPM helicopters or aircraft configurations that include differential ailerons or flapperons. The CoPilot CPD4 will only operate in aircraft that use one radio channel for pitch and one radio channel for roll controls. If your aircraft requires more than 2 channels for flight control of pitch and/or roll, consider the new Co Pilot II

2) Co Pilot CPD4 will operate with any brand, type, or frequency radio system including 2.4 GHz systems. In certain cases, it may cause servo jitter or "hunting" when used in combination with very-high-speed digital servos. When interfacing Co Pilot CPD4 to a PCM or certain 2.4 GHz radio systems, the 605SB Servo Buffer is usually required. Instructions for how to install the 605SB in a CPD4 installation are detailed in the CPD4 User Manual. This additional device is required for any radio system that outputs servo pulses in parallel; meaning the timing of each of the PPM outputs to the servos are not staggered. All Futaba PCM radios work this way. The 605SB creates a slight delay so that the pitch and roll servo outputs do not reach the CPD4 computer at precisely the same time.