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Co-Pilot CPD4


Co-Pilot CPD4 2-Channel Flight Stabilization System

While no video footage of CPD4 is available, many videos of
the Co-Pilot II listed below can be viewed from this video tab. 
The basic operation of both systems is roughly comparable. CPII includes
an additional vertical sensor that always ensures the model
rolls out of inverted during recovery, however, the basic operation
and recovery speeds for both systems are comparable.

  Co-Pilot II Flight Demo | This video shows the CP II on a heli & airplane.
  Co-Pilot II Level and Inverted Flight Modes | CPII in action!
  Co-Pilot II on Blade 400 with Key Cam Aerial Video | Larry Lindsay claims Co-Pilot II saves him a crash every day.
  Co-Pilot II Vertical Hover and Knife Edge Modes | CPII in action!
  FPV Stryker Flight with Co-Pilot II Installed | FPV Stryker Flight with CPII Installed in the Alberta Rockies