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PL8 Charging Station
One of our good customers, Gilbert Lichstein posted some pictures of his custom PL8 charging station and I thought this was worth sharing. The container has a nice set of wheels and handle for ease of transporting. He is using a Meanwell power supply to power his PL8. All of this is for his Outrage Fusion 50 heli (6S 5300Mah) and a Sebart Wind 110 F3A plane (8S 4000 MaH), plus a Blade MCPx. Thanks for the great photos!
New Cellpro 10S Owner
Hi Tim, Jamie, and Howard, I just had to write you a note about your Cellpro 10S Charger. I have been using a Cellpro 3S and then a 4S for the last four years. I just purchased a 500 size electric heli in January so I needed something a little bigger to charge the batteries. I looked around at other chargers and was up in the air but I really wanted a 10S as the 3S and 4S have never failed me and are pretty much plug and charge. You had a $20 off offer so I jumped at it. Had to wait a little while for it as you were snowed in and UPS was not picking up. Well I just tried it on two 4S packs and all I can says is WOW!!!! The data it reports and the plug and charge nature, once I got it setup, is great. I am glad I purchased it. When flying season gets here in New York State in about another month I will really test it out. You have a great product there with the Cellpro Charger line. Keep up the good work. And Cindy Marks was very helpful and also kept me informed as to your weather situation. You have gotten more snow this year than we have. Keith Graves
These AP helicopters belong to our good friend "nightflyr" aka Richard Kirshy who helps with answering CPII questions on the “HeliFreak” forum. His contributions and experience is highly appreciated and is a great asset to all that frequent the forum.
Photo Caption: Both AP helicopters outfitted with the CPII Co-Pilot system. Richard's pride and joy is his one of a kind "Align 650 Super Stretch" pictured in red and blue.
One of the best!
Howard Matos is one of the best, if not the best, at helping people with the CP II before and after the sale. Just reading the expertise and professionalism found in his many responses on the various RC forums is a case study in after sales support. He will keep customers coming back----awesome support!!! Eric Redding – FMA Customer
I cannot get my batteries charged back fast enough to get back to flying!
Hi Mate You can see in your email that you sent it to me on the 7th, today was the first day we had weather for flying. So I have just come back from the field testing your product. Well, what can I say; it’s the best thing since Christmas mate. I’m like a little boy, I cannot get my batteries charged back fast enough to get back to flying, I can now learn to fly without crashing every second day…. Well done on a great product and I will suggest it to anyone that is a beginner. Benji Smit Richards Bay South Africa Member SAMAA
I received the replacement and I must say your company has THE BEST Customer service I think I have ever done business with. Your products are great as well, Ill tell EVERYONE I know, Thanks soooo much. Sincerely, Dan Downs Portsmouth, Ohio
“The greatest thing since sliced peanut butter”
I couldn't be happier with the Co-Pilot II system on my Blade 400. It has restored my confidence and I'm excited about heli flight all over again! I learned how to hover and I was very frustrated that I kept crashing when trying forward flight. Taking the step from hovering to forward flight is a HUGE step and it's extremely intimidating. Not having anyone around locally that could put me on a buddy box, I was about ready to give up and someone shot me a PM and told me about the Co-Pilot II system. I snatched one up, installed it on my Blade 400, and went to flying. I was doing left-hand ovals, right-hand ovals, figure 8's, flying nose-in towards me.... all with a gigantic grin on my face. A few times I lost orientation and I simply let go of the right stick. The heli went into a stable hover, patiently waiting for me to input the next command. In fact, I was so comfortable that I reduced the gains and increased the Stick Priority after just a few flights. I plan to increase the Stick Priority a little more before I fly again... that's how confident Co-Pilot II makes you feel. Thanks again for such an awesome product. I just might have to have another one on my next heli!
Photo Caption: Mike Then Newsletter Editor/Website Administrator, Tarheel R/C Flyers (http://www.tarheelrcflyers.org) Rocky Mount, NC
"It's worth its weight in gold"
Hello, I'm Dolan Gallier from Polson Montana. It is just a small town at the south shores of the Flathead Lake. We have a small RC group of guys here that fly at the local airport. We do not have anyone to teach us heli flying, so I opted for the Co-Pilot II. I'm an Electrician of many years and also some computer repair as well. Well I've never seen anything like Co-Pilot II so this just blows me away. I have been trying to learn helis on my own, picking up bits of info here and there but the Co-Pilot II has been the best investment so far. I'm really at awe with its response time and the way it levels the heli unsupervised. Just Yesterday I took off using only the throttle and rudder. It ascended straight into the air and almost stayed in one spot. It's worth its weight in Gold (don’t jack up the price just because I said that!!).......... I think ever newbie heli flyer should have one of these units to start out with and a good investment for the more expensive scale helis. Sort of like “Heli Insurance”!! Anyway I just wanted to give you Guys and Gals a BIG A+ for this product. Keep up the Good work. Heliwannabeflyier, Dolan "The Mann" Gallier
Man! ...it's been a great day.
Man! ...it's been a great day. Took the Raptor out and did 5-training-flights and I’ve got a gal and a half of fuel through the engine now. The Roto-Pod training gear is still on and I was able to also use the CPII today. As a newbie, I've been doing hovering exercises and started out pretty much the same way today. However, I've been doing so while trying the CPII on and off. Wow! ...this thing sure adds stability to the bird. Some gusty winds on flight three and I was really working the cyclic, but doing good, half-way through the tank, I threw-on the CPII and I needed very little cyclic work to hold a steady hover. The added confidence I gained with the CPII, I did flight four with the CPII on at all times and I was able to move the bird around with confidence and authority, forward, back, right and left and turning the bird sideways to myself, hovering and forward flights at about 4 to 5 feet altitude. Flight five I did the same exercises but with the CPII deliberately off and I was able to accomplish it albeit with some additional stick work. Thanks FMA, this thing really works and has helped me accomplish a major leap in heli flight today! I intend to fly as much as possible without the CPII propping my performance, but any new moves will be practiced with the CPII engaged first. Five flights were about the extent of my concentration level, and the sun was going down anyways. Great day for me! Cletus Berkeley Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago West Indies Clubs/Affiliations: Savannah Aero Concepts http://groups.google.com/group/sactt?hl=en AMA IRCHA
My Story!
Hi! First I thought of not writing what I think about the Co-Pilot II, but then I decided to write "my story"/review. So here I go! I started with RC helis in April 2008 when I ordered my Esky Belt CP RTF. After I got it I flew about 3 times and then I had my first crash! During the summer I flew about 15 times (never above 2m) and crashed about 10. In the end of the summer I had changed almost all parts twice. I got new servos, gyro, esc, blades and of course lots of other parts. On my last flight that summer I had just gotten my DX6i and it was my first time I managed to hover for about 3 minutes. As I was about to land some thing happened and in half a second my Belt was in peaces. At this point I started to wonder if maybe this hobby was not for me. I didn't fly anymore that year and in March this year I was thinking of selling my heli. In April I was going through old bookmarks on my computer and found a shop what sold some kind of autopilot for a heli!!! hmm this is interesting!! So I started to Google this and soon found the CPII. I ordered my CPII in May and got it in June. I put it on my Belt and went to a little parking lot to try it. And what happened? Well I crashed (but nothing broke)! I was so used to always trying to move the stick around to get the heli stable, so just letting go of the stick and centering it was new to me. I went to a big field and tried again. WHAT!! I was hovering!! I was flying forward! I was 2m up, I was 5m up and soon above the trees! It was amazing! Every time some thing started to go wrong I just centered the stick! I flew for one week every day with out a single crash. So, I was really happy that I finally could fly my heli but then again I felt like I had cheated in some way. I had read some where that you will get a bad habit using the CPII and you will never learn to fly. Well last week the weather was bad but I still wanted to try. The CPII said Warning Bad Weather. So I decided to turn it off (Auto Trim 0%). And guess what! I was hovering all by my self and the whole battery pack!! I had finally mastered the art of hovering!! All I really needed was some more self esteem and the CPII gave me just that!! I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you for helping me with my questions and of course THANK YOU all at FMA for this amazing product! I will soon be ordering another one for my Trex 450 that I also will order soon. This product is the best ever and I really recommend it to every body. Pay for the CPII and you don't need to pay for spare parts!! Thank you all!! Robert Ahlback, Helsinki, Finland Member of: RC-Kopterit Ry
CPII - Best Modeling Investment I Have Made!
A quick update on my experience to date with the CP2 I have now done a heap of flying with the CP2 and tried all sorts of settings in relation to gains and trimming methods. For me, I have found it best to keep the CP2 interaction to a minimum. I have settled on using auto trim as setting up with angles can be very time consuming and I was never completely happy with the results. My model now flies very naturally with the CP2 off (auto trim on). I keep the auto trim nice and low (set on 2) and this helps the model track really well in fast forward flight without feeling like its trying to level the model. A high auto trim setting (CP2 off) tends to try and flatten the model off in fast forward flight and it always feels like you need to push the model forward to maintain speed. With CP2 on, I have the stick priority at 150% and the gains about 10% lower then default. I find that model trims up much better for some reason when these settings are lower. My trim is spot on now between CP2 on and off. Stability wise with the CP2 on, the model is very comfortable and feels much more like a damper that returns the model to level flight gently rather then snapping the model back to level. I find this setup great for practicing maneuvers that were way out of my comfort zone like backwards circuits, pirouetting circuits etc. Also find it just takes some of the stress out flying now and I tend to do more flights in a session then I use to. I am completely sold on this device and one of the best modeling investments I have made. John Wessel Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Member of the Doncaster Aeromodellers Club
Co-Pilot II, Thanks
Howard, Hey, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and FMADirect for a job well done. Flying RC helicopters has been an interest of mine for almost 20 years now. It wasn't until I started using the CPII that I was truly able to enjoy the sport. My first heli was the Kalt Whisper electric heli. Every time I flew it I crashed it. It didn't take many crashes before I realized that I couldn't afford the hobby and quit. I kinda got interested again around three years ago. RTF electric helis had gotten cheap enough that I decide to try again. I bought the Walker 60 and had a similar experience with it. I called it quits after only 2 or 3 crashes. I guess it was 2 yrs after that when I gave the co-ax helis a try and really enjoyed it. I dusted off the Walkera 60 and was actually able to hover it fairly well after trying Radd's School of Rotary Flight. I fiddled with that for a few months before deciding to upgrade to a TREX 600. Wow, what a beast! It practically hovered on its own. But, I didn't have the confidence to do much more than hover it and do simple figure 8's. I crashed it a few times doing the figure 8's because I became nose-in and panicked. It was around this time that the CPII came out. Given the cost of the product and the cost of repairs from a typical crash it seemed like a good gamble. Well, that gamble was really paid off! I've only had maybe 8-10 flights so far but they have been incredible. I've been running with 100% stick priority so it really only kicks in when I want it too. It has been an absolute blast flying the TREX 600 now. I'm gaining confidence when nose-in and can fly pretty far out w\o worrying about losing orientation. I can simply center the cyclics, let the CPII level the heli, and then rudder to correct orientation if needed. I'm now considering getting into electric planes and another CPII will be one of my first purchases. Thanks! Don Emmel
Howard is the Man!
Howard, You are the man! I had to install Dot.net2.0 first and then what you sent worked fine. I'll make sure my friends all hear about the great support. I tried the charger out and it works great. Thanks for a great product and great support. Verne Koester
Very Happy with the 4S Charger
Hi, I just wanted to email you and tell you how happy I am with the 4s charger, power adapter combo that i got last week. I ordered the combo Wednesday and it arrived within 2 days. I was astounded at the fast packing & shipping. This is a wonderful charger with great feedback from other users. From what I can tell so far it is a great charger and a great price. Thanks, Mike Coffman
...the 4S is an AWESOME product!
Please pass along this along.....the 4S is an AWESOME product! We have many in our club and we very much respect and appreciate FMA. Please keep up the excellent products, etc. FMA Customer Paul Bianco
10s charger is simply the best
Your cellpro 10s charger is simply the best charger on the market. Thanks! FMA Customer Matthew Augsburger
10s Charger and Service Are Amazing!
So far my expierience with the Cellpro 10S has been amazing! Small, simple to use and love all the information via the menus (while charging). The email tech support response was less than an hour. In some cases, tech support responded within 5 minutes! FMA Direct customer Brian Flores
10s Charger - In a Different League
I just recently purchased the 10s and I feel like the kid that got called up to majors! In a different league I tell ya. What an awesome charger. I also got the pc interface gadget with it and it lets you monitor your charge as a graph on your computer. Very useful tool. It also can charge 2 bats (up to 5s each) at the same time at 3c, or whatever the batt will allow. I've got a 4s as well and it is a great all around charger also. Can't go wrong with FMA products in my opinion. FMA Direct customer Bill Sorrell
Reliable Features and Options on 4s Charger
Dear Mr. Marks, Thanks for the nifty Cellpro 4S, it's like having a charger that was custom made just for me! I have an Astro 109 that is great when I want to tinker, but the 4S is the way to go for every day use. I am very pleased with the features and options packed into this little gem. I have always felt best when each cell is charged individually every time. I now have a charger that I can confidently recommend to some of my electrically challenged friends, knowing that they will have correctly balanced, healthy Lipolys without my consultation... Thanks again for such a neat product! Best Regards, Brad Darville
Good Company - Good Employees
Jamie, I recently researched and ordered a power solution for my Trex 450SE from FMA Direct. I spoke to engineering, support and Elena in Sales. I received professional, timely and complete responses and people actually answered the phone and were patient, well-versed on the products and helpful. Because of the confidence this inspired, I placed my order online. I received a confirmation and the next day UPS tracking information from UPS and an email indicating I had one item on backorder. The backordered item had a projected ship date of April 1st, 2007. I set a reminder in Outlook as I figured that I would have to follow-up. Imagine my suprise when I received a notification from UPS that the item shipped on time! Thank you for hiring smart, well spoken people, treating them correctly (the employees I spoke with had great attitudes and that comes from treating people right), and investing in the technology in your supply chain to execute flawlessly. As a former CEO of a 175 person software company and ex-PepsiCo executive, I understand hiring good people and execution. Great job and count me as a satisfied customer who will share my satisfaction with others in the hobby. Regards, Ed Diamond, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
Luv the 4s Chargers
Now that I got my 3rd and 4th chargers, and my 35amp Power Supply unit, I'm all good to go. I figured I would send a pic of the setup. I'm proud of my 4s chargers and just wanted to share. Thanks a bunch for top notch chargers! With all chargers charging in mid cycle at 1.4c auto on 4 11.1 2200mAh 20C packs, chargers never drew more than 15 amps. Excellent! Derek J. Terpstra
Cellpro Charger Rocks!
Hi, I just used the Cellpro charger for the first time. I charged two brand new ThunderPower 3-cell 1320mah lipo's and I was totally amazed! I am new to electric flight and was unsure on what charger to buy. I wanted the biggest bang for my budget. Every one made claims, very few did all in one, that's where Cellpro came in. This seems to be one heck of a charger/balancer that you have. It was so interesting to monitor individual cells, total volts, percentage charge, and amp top up and draw. Just wanted to let you know, let the big boys up top know too. Thanks, Dave Ferrari.
CoPilot saves the day!
I've had the Copilot FS8 on my heli for a while now. I fly with it off and have it setup as a "bail out" switch. Well, I have been flying for almost a year without flipping the "switch." In fact, I almost removed the system a month or so ago. So today i'm trying something new (3 mistakes high) and the upper altitude wind gets the heli. Before I can correct, the heli is far away and i'm totally disoriented. The heli was inverted in a downward slide with the skids facing me...I try to correct but now i'm in a knife edge slide only 20 feet off the deck. I'm preparing for the worst when I remember the "switch" I flip it and BAM the heli rolls out and goes into a stable hover about 2 feet above the ground. I flip it off... readjust my shorts... and go back to flying!! Say what you want about the system being a crutch but it has saved me more money and repairs than I can count. Mike SiXeVeN (www.runryder.com)
Co-pilot Stabilizes Heli for Videos

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your fine products and support that allowed me to create this video: Logo Demo with Co-pilot

Presented in glorious H264 codec... QuickTime format.

Crank up the volume and play it full screen if you can. I used your co-pilot system to stabilize my Logo 14 while shooting these outstanding video sequences.

Thank You,

Ted Chavalas
Panoscan Inc.
Great Cellpro Charger!
Your new balancing cell pro charger has solved all my Lipo charging problems. What a great product!

The individual cell readouts are very useful and tell me the condition of a pack.

I just had my third 2.0 ah 2000 pack bite the dust, so this technology will save my remaining batteries. I have now put your pigtails on all my 3 cell battery packs. It is an easy upgrade and they work great.

Dr. Heyward H. Macdonald
Charlottesville, Virginia
Customers Love FMA's Cellpro 4s Charger

Photo Caption: Hello FMA Tech Dept: I have received and tested my 4S charger. This thing is the most foolproof charger I have seen. Somebody at FMA really deserves a pat on the back for this design, beautiful job.

John Meyer
Pensacola, FL
Team FMA Dominates Memphis Extreme Aerobatic Competition
Team FMA Pilots, Jeff Pfeifer (left) and Devin McGrath placed 5th and 3rd, respectively, in the 2006 Blaine Austin EAC in Memphis.

Photo Caption: Congratulations to Jeff and Devin for great flying and using industry leading Lithium Power Solutions like Cellpro from FMA Direct!
FMA FS8 and Customer Service Provide Strong Performance
I bought a couple FMA FS8 systems several months ago and when I installed them I had huge range problems with the recievers. I used them with a JR PCM10X and the range was horrible compared to my JR reciever. I tried everything to no avail.... I finally posted my problems on the FMA website and they said the problem was that the FMA receiver is more selective than my JR receiver (which is good ), but that it required that the transmitter be exactly on frequency for it to work properly. Where the JR reciever will accept off frequency signals, the FMA will not. Greg Covey said that FMA would tune my transmitter for free with the purchase of an FMA reciever and that I should send it in. I live close to FMA so I went to their facility and Howard Matos started measuring and tuning my transmitter right away. It turned out that both of my JR modules were significantly off frequency and modulation. Howard had them tuned in no time. After the tuning, the recievers now work flawlessly and the interference rejection and range is much better than my top of the line JR receiver. I fly these on a large UAV and at some pretty extreme ranges and with a strong video transmitter onboard, and the FMA FS8 setup has been the most reliable and trouble free system on the this plane. The video transmission is so strong on this plane (5 watts) that my JR receiver is basically unusable with the video on, but the FS8 works just fine. The performance of the FS8 reciever is great and the failsave, voltage measurement, and other computerized features of this receiver are far more advanced than anything else available. The incredible support that FMA has given me with these units is just icing on the cake Im a pretty die hard JR fan, but I recommend FMA to all my friends now. Thanks, FMA...Mike...
Another Co-Pilot fan who still has his Helicopter
I just wanted to thank you for such a great product. I fly a ThunderTiger Raptor 30 Heli, after my first crash which cost close to $200. I found the crash greatly slowed my advancement in the hobby. I decided to purchase the Co_Pilot and quickly learned to trust it which allowed me to learn very quickly. What impressed me the most is what happened last Sunday. I was out tuning in my new TT39 on my Raptor 30, I had just finished getting the head speed dialed in and decided to fly it around a little so I could check the engine temp. It was up about 25' when all of the sudden the heli start to turn to the right slowly. it was then I realized I did not have control of it. Next thing I knew she rolled to the right with the blades pointing at 11 and 5 oclock the tail did a 360 at high speed and she started going in. I let go of the sticks and figured she was a goner. It was then that the Co-Pilot took control and leveled her with the tail spinning. (Co-Pilot doesn't care that the body of the heli is spinning, it cares only that the rotor stays horizontal. FM) I took control with the help of the Co-Pilot and managed to get her down on the ground in one piece. In post flight I found the Tail Control Rod had broken at the bend just prior to the control rod connector. ( Rick; something you will want to check very carefuly.) I don't know why it broke but I am sure glad I had my Co-Pilot on. No other damage to the heli. Thanks Again Richard Hatch
Fast Service makes a customer happy
Mr. Marks; I just received my order three days after I ordered it. WOW!, very quick service. I am very pleased with the packing of the DC Power Supply. I have been looking for some time locally for a power supply of this quality. This was just in time to power up my park flyer chargers. Thank you for the monthly special pricing, it was a "no brainer". It's down to the shop to start charging battery packs. Professionally, Bill Crosscup AMA #2447
A Happy Co-Pilot user
Subject: CoPilot I'm writing to let you know how amazing the Co-Pilot is. I used to crash my models frequently, and now with CoPilot I haven't crashed once, it has saved my models again and again. This little device has got to be quite literally the best thing since sliced bread, and the most amazing thing about it is the small size and small weight of it. I wouldn't change a thing about CoPilot; it is very easy to use and set up, and there is no noticeable drop in battery usage because of it. I think the thing most RC pilots want is transparency. Thank you for this great little invention. Alfredo Galvan
Another satisfied Co Pilot customer
I have been a good customer for FMA for the past two years and have most of my models now on your receivers and three with the auto pilot. Two fixed wings and a 12 year old heli I always crashed but have finally put together to see if the co pilot saves my butt this time. I am sure it will. I built a trainer for friend of mine to introduce him to the sport. He is 61 years old and has never been off the ground other than as a passenger in commercial planes. He had no experience at all. It took me two hours and he never again used a trainer cord or any assistance. The Co Pilot just made it so exiting for him as there was no stress once he learned to let go when things got too hot. I had his radio set up so he could turn the co on and off and in a few weeks he was doing everything except landing with the co pilot off. The point I am trying to make is that it made a enormous difference to his enjoyment and got him into the sport. He would never have done it with out the co pilot as he felt he was abusing my time in being trained the hard way. I do not know which one of you designed that thing but thanks to you all for a fantastic tool. I now have my H9 cub on the bench and that is getting the full blown five channel DPS and co pilot fitted. Hell I fly 3D and am in no way worried about my ability to fly these models but I have lost a few and they could have all been saved with the co pilot. Next project is a yellow aircraft TEXAN and built to a very fine scale detail. That I do not want to bend, scratch or even bounce if possible. Thus I want to be first on the list for your 8 channel receiver and co pilot that you have advertised in the latest model airplane news. Can you please put me on the list (beta model or not) for one please. I can pay up front or when you are ready to ship. Your choice, but I want and need one of these tomorrow please. Many thanks for your fantastic products. Hope your Dad Fred is fit and well. A fine gent to talk to as he gave me a lot of information regarding interference issues a year or so back. Regards, Allan J Main, Antofagasta, Chile. Thank you Allan!
Mixing it up with a V-Tail racer!
Just wanted to let you know I finally finished my V tail racer and flew it yesterday with one of your MX80 mixers and bb servos. Everything performed perfectly. I did a long "antenna collapsed" range check, flew in close for awhile, then went far out. No glitches, kinks, problems of any kind. I did mention awhile back that I heard some "clicking" in the two servos linked through the mixer, but there was no interference, no battery drain, everything went well! I'll be ordering more servos shortly for another project. Bill O'Neill Queen City R/C Allentown, Pa.
Copilot Can Tame A Wild Airplane:
A REPORT FROM GLENN GRESENS: I read the article on your auto pilot in "Highflight " last week and, the next day, saw an example in action at our field. The demonsration was a revelation. The autopilot was intalled on a "Hog Bipe" with an OS 90 Surpass. The combination was heavy, fast, and twitchy. The autopilot completely tamed it - recovering smoothly from high speed vertical dives and knife edge situations - then, helping the beginner pilot to land the heavy bipe in a strong crosswind.
Chuck Gaudette wants more Copilots!
Well, I removed the copilot from the helicopter and put it on my trainer. I took it out to the field and did my first flight. I want to tell you that it worked spectacularly. The fellow from the Hobby Shop, an experienced pilot, flew it and tried every way to cause the airplane to go into a dive but it just wouldn't. He was so impressed that he wants to stock the product in his shop. It works as advertised and was a very big hit at the field. About 6 or 7 people who saw it today want one. Now when I get it to work on the helicopter. I'd like to buy a couple more so I have one on each of my two planes on one on the helicopter. Thanks for a great product. Chuck
Copilot is a real boon to us older folks!
From John Oswald: Fred,I tempy installed the Co-Pilot and it seems to be working fine Up-Side down under the left wing of my pattern plane.It looks like its going to be the best thing since sliced bread.My eyes aren't as good as they use to be and this will keep me out of trouble,for at least I will know it in level flight so I can bring it back.I have seen it work on a 40 size trainer and we get cross winds at the field and it came in level all the way in.Keep up the GOOD work. John Oswald AMA 586521

From Don Mc Neely: I received my Co-pilot and installed it in my Avistar trainer and it works great. Thanks so much in developing a device that lets someone just getting started in radio controlled airplanes to fly with confidence while in the learning stage. I am 71 years old and have not flown anything but control line models and that was 55 years ago. This is really something. Everyone at the field just thought that I didn't have the guts to fly without the buddy box. The response from other guys at the field where I fly is ...."Where did you get that?", naturally I had to tell them. Hope you get lots of orders.

Hands-Off Hover
Long-time and valued employee, Howard Matos demonstrates a hands-off hover with the Co Pilot installed on his Nexus helicopter. Thanks for the pic Howard.
Photo Caption: Try this without a Co Pilot!
Cub with FMA Equipment
Fred, this cub is being controlled with your products. It's a Hanger 9 ARF with Goldberg floats. Thanks again for your help. Ed Widman Thanks Ed!
Photo Caption: Floating Cub!