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Revolectrix IR Meter

Revolectrix IR Meter

Revolectrix IR Meter

Base Part Number: DCIR


Finally, a full-scale-production IR meter, readily available from a trusted source at an affordable price! The Revolectrix IR Meter is capable of instantaneously displaying Pack Voltage down to the cell level as well as Pack DC internal resistance (DCIR) and the individual cell DC IR for any Li chemistry battery pack within a nominal DC voltage range between 7.40V and 26.10V. The Revolectrix IR Meter utilizes true Kelvin 4-wire current sensing and may be considered a laboratory-quality instrument due to its unparalleled accuracy when compared to other competing R/C brands.


  • LCD: 2.6", 128 x 64 pixels graphic LCD with white LED backlight

  • Mains connector: XT60

  • Balance connector: Modified JST XH series, 7 position max; accepts 2s-8s balance plugs on batteries

  • Input protection: 10A fused