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Dual PowerLab 8x2

RC2 Review



Dual PowerLab 8x2 Multi-Chemistry Workstation

While no video footage of DPL is available, videos of
the PL8 listed below can be viewed from this video tab.
The basic operation of both units is similar, including the Charge
Control Software and the user interface.

  PL8 – Installing Charge Control Software | This video shows you how to install the Charge Control Software (CCS) for the Powerlab 8 Battery Workstation on your PC. It includes the upgrade to the new "V2" CCS and firmware.
  PL8 – Running the CCS | This video shows the operation of the Charge Control Software (CCS) with the PL6 Battery Workstation.
  PL8 – Expansion Channel Mode | This video demonstrates PowerLab's Expansion Channel Mode.