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I'm using Windows Vista or Windows 7 Pro 64-bit (or 32-bit). Do I have to have the FUIM2/FUIM3 connected to the USB device before connecting it to my computer? I ask because I keep getting "no driver found for your device."

1) Leave the FUIM2/FUIM3 disconnected from the Product and from your PC's USB port.
2) Launch the Product's application.
3) Click the download USB driver link from the application window.
4) Pick the correct driver from the web page. If your device is FUIM2, use the Driver for Win Vista x32 or x64 bit. If it's the FUIM3, there's only one driver.
5) Follow the on screen instructions. If you have attempted to load the driver before, what might happen is an uninstall first. If you see that the program wants to uninstall the driver, let it. Then go back to the website and install it again.
6) Now launch the Product's application again.
7) Plug the USB end of the interface into your USB port at this time. Win7 should tell you the driver is loaded now.
8) Plug the other end of the cable into the Product's PC port and apply power.
9) Click the firmware you wish to install, then choose Update Firmware.