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In order to remain competitive in the R/C industry, it became apparent to FMA Direct in 2007 that we would need to transition manufacturing to off-shore.

According to FMA President Tim Marks:

"That was a tough decision. We could have gone anywhere in the world. We've had relationships with key vendors in Korea, China, and Taiwan for decades. But we elected not to go the China route for a couple of reasons. First, manufacturing in China, it's difficult to maintain ownership of our intellectual property. Secondly, we were afraid our products would get swallowed up in the great abyss that is Chinese manufacturing. We were concerned that we would lose control of our product lines. We worried that our product lines might become "blurred", our products would become "generic" and no longer stand out in the market. We also worried that difficulties with communication could adversely affect the Quality of products we design." So when we opened discussions with Leo Industries of Singapore. It seemed a better fit; a smaller manufacturing facility already supplying LiPo batteries to the R/C industry, eager to produce higher quality, willing to work closely with us in partnership and to always protect our I.P. The fact that Leo Industries President and CEO, John Grzan is an Australian who speaks our native English language was also a huge plus!

After 4 years of partnership, we've never been in a better situation to lead the industry with highly innovative, U.S.-designed and U.S.-supported products, communicate directly with conscientious production staff, and work together with our manufacturing partners to assure that the highest level of quality Revolectrix branded products are making it out to our world-wide customer base. We're excited about our ever-decreasing return rates on products sold, and our ever-increasing market share. It's becoming clear that, even through tough economic times, more and more customers are willing to pay for quality and to recognize that there is a tangible difference between the mass-marketed (some term it "black market") Chinese products and Revolectrix products. Whether it has to do with our streamlined, intuitive interfaces, or innovative features like tightly-integrated P.C. software, when you start using a Revolectrix product, it becomes clear that REVO holds a substantial lead in design, in workmanship, and overall quality above other brands.

We look forward to the future and to many years successfully serving the R/C Industry!

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