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If you are a long-time subscriber to Revolectrix Email Campaigns, you probably began to notice how much effort we started putting into our website and our email campaigns beginning back in November, 2011. If you are new to Campaigns, we thought it would be nice to give you a brief recap of some of the more important website enhancements we've released in the past several months. You can find the following Quick Links on our home page any time. Yeah, we change them up from time-to-time, but the most important ones will always remain available for you to use anytime you need help!

* Need to know how fast you'll be able to charge your batteries using a REVO Charger or Battery Workstation? Check out the Online Power Calculators. We even have a generic one you can use to compare other brands!

* Use the Product Selector guide to compare our unique and high quality battery maintenance products.

* Take a Quick Tour of the PowerLab Charge Control Software, or the CPII Flight Stabilization system components.

* Review historic email campaigns to catch up, or take a close look at the MPA.

Email Campaigns are more than just a way to say "hey, here's a great product and it's on sale now!" It's all about giving you the kinds of tools you need to be a smart and successful consumer. In our opinion, that's the best kind of customer. That's because when you buy into Revolectrix, you're buying a quality product built to last for the long haul, and backed by support worldwide. No other company in the industry is currently able to offer you such in-depth pre-sale support as the web tools mentioned here. And if you think that's good, wait until you need support after the sale. That's where we really shine! That's when you can use the hot links to support forums or social networks! No matter what, you'll never need to look very hard to find us online or talk to other knowledgable beta testers or customers. Or if the online thing is not your style, do it the old fashioned way and pick up the phone.





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