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Co- Pilot II Avionics Computer Firmware Update Utility – Use this link to access, download, and install the latest firmware for your CPII Computer Module. You will require the latest firmware for the CPII Computer Module in order to access the new, lower 30 foot Hard Deck Module altitude for helicopters. You will not be required to update the firmware in your existing Hard Deck Module.

Co-Pilot II Display Software – You should redo your Co-Pilot II Quick Setup after you update the firmware. We highly recommend you use the PC Display Software instead of the IRNet Programmer as it includes Help Screen information for every step along the way during the process.

Please take a moment to review the following important information. This information is also provided on the Help screen of the Co-Pilot II Display Software in Preferences when you reach the setup screen for setting the Hard Deck Altitude:

IMPORTANT: The latest version of the CPII Firmware now supports a lower hard deck altitude. The default remains at 50 feet which is what we recommend for Emergency Recovery during 3D flying. However, the altitude can now be set down to a minimum of 30 feet, but we recommend extreme caution when going below the 50 foot default; particularly if you plan to utilize the Hard Deck Module for Emergency Recovery during 3D maneuvers. Additionally, we strongly recommend that you test the CPII/Hard Deck setup thoroughly at an altitude of 50 foot or higher before you attempt to lower it. Then lower it in iterations, each time re-testing to make sure that the setup is meeting the unique needs of your aircraft and your flying style at the new altitude setting. If you plan to utilize Hard Deck for 3D recovery, test lower and lower deck altitudes by gradually increasing the angle of attack and speed into which you enter the deck. Many forces can impact the effectiveness of Hard Deck Emergency Recovery, including, but not limited to model weight, angle of attack, velocity, speed of decent, wind speed/direction, servos utilized in the model, and proper setup of the model. For more information about these things, see the section titled "Prerequisites" in the "Supplemental User Guide for Hard Deck (HD100)". Failure to comply with these recommendations may result in Emergency Recovery that can not successfully complete before the model hits the ground, or damage to property and/or serious injury to people.

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