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At Revolectrix, we understand that product support begins long before any purchase is made. That's why we pack our website full of tools to help you, the consumer, make informed purchase decisions. We understand that you have a lot of choices, and we understand how difficult it is to determine the best product to meet your unique needs. Our Online Power Calculators are one great tool to help you easily determine the best product to meet your unique battery maintenance needs. Multiple calculators are available online to support Cellpro 10XP, PowerLab 6, PowerLab 8, and now the amazing Dual PowerLab (8x2).

We even provide a "Generic" calculator so that you can compare our products against other brands. If you know the voltage and current rating of your power supply, and if you know the number of cells and full-charged cell voltages of your batteries, then you will know how much current Revolectrix chargers and battery workstations can provide within 5 seconds of launching a calculator. No guessing, no fancy equations, or knowledge of ohm's law required. No other manufacturer in R/C provides you with these kinds of tools and this kind of support!

To view the Dual PowerLab (8x2) Calculators, click the image above; otherwise, click here to open the Power Calculators Main Page. Try it! It's Fun!

We appreciate your business!

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