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The initial batch of the new Hard Deck Modules for Co-Pilot II has reached FMA in the U.S. We are now working like crazy to check everything out and start moving them out the door! We expect to clean up all the existing back orders by Friday, September 28. There are additional units in stock and available at the REVO USA warehouse, but quantities on the initial batch are limited, so ACT FAST to secure yours TODAY ! ! !


Hard Deck Animation – In case you didn't get a chance to see it, check out the original Hard Deck Animation. This is a simple illustration of how the Hard Deck can stabilize a heli by engaging Co-Pilot II Emergency Recovery at a pre-defined altitude. Hard Deck and Co-Pilot II also work on fixed wing aircraft.

Co-Pilot II Video Tab – Use this link to visit the Co-Pilot II product video tab where you can see all kinds of great videos of Hard Deck and Co-Pilot II in action, Co-Pilot II setup videos, and more!

Co-Pilot II Tour – Not sure what Co-Pilot II patented infrared flight stabilization is all about? Come and view the Online Tour!

Co-Pilot II FAQ's – Whether for pre-sales or post-sales support, the CPII FAQ section is a great resource for answers you may need.

Hard Deck and Co-Pilot II Prerequisites – If you are interested in purchasing the Hard Deck Module for use with your existing Co-Pilot II system, please be advised, you will require the following Co-Pilot II system components in order to successfully set up and operate a model using Hard Deck:
1) Co-Pilot II Avionics Computer
2) Co-Pilot II Main Sensor
3) Co-Pilot II Vertical Sensor
4) FUIM3 PC USB Interface - this device is required to update your existing Avionics Computer firmware to a new level in order to support Hard Deck functionality. This device is also required in order to utilize the Co-Pilot II Display Software. A new version of the Co-Pilot II Display Software will be available when Hard Deck is ready to ship. The new version is improved to include Help Screens and walk you through Quick Setup of the Co-Pilot II. Although this PC Software is not required for setting up Co-Pilot II with or without the Hard Deck Module, it is highly recommended the first time you set up a CPII system with Hard Deck.

Hard Deck and Helicopter Compatibility – Please be advised, the Hard Deck Module will only operate with R/C helicopters that are either non-CCPM or 3x120 CCPM . Other variants such as 3x90 CCPM, 3x135 or 3x140 CCPM are not supported unless utilizing a flybarless controller where the mixing occurs after the CPII Computer Module on board the helicopter.

New Concepts – As with any new technology, the Hard Deck brings with it certain new concepts. This tends to increase the complexity of the product line. It is important to note that Co-Pilot II with or without Hard Deck provides a pilot with a unique and powerful toolset for advancing his skill level and for becoming a more proficient pilot. But Co-Pilot II products can not replace fundamental building blocks of knowledge required to successfully fly model aircraft. Only good instruction and experience can do these things. For these reasons, the general recommended approach to successfully implementing Co-Pilot II (or any flight stabilization product for that matter) is to make sure your model is mechanically and electrically sound, properly setup, and capable of flight BEFORE installing and setting up Co-Pilot II. In terms of Hard Deck operation, the same logic follows. First make sure you are completely familiar with Co-Pilot II installation, setup, and functionality BEFORE bringing the new Hard Deck Module into the equation. However, if you are familiar with the Co-Pilot II system, you will find adding and operating Hard Deck as intuitive and easy to understand as the original CPII setup process.

User Guide and other Details – Click the link to the left to download the PDF version of the new Hard Deck User Guide to see full details of what comes with the purchase of the Hard Deck Module or CPII Hard Deck Combos along with full installation guidelines and steps. We will also try to put together a setup video for Hard Deck soon.

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