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Safe Parallel Adapters; Why are they Better?

Safe Parallel Adapter Protection Features

All cells in every pack protected by self-resetting fuses

Every fuse has a red thermal indicator that turns black in the event of a short circuit

The thermal indicator tells you to disconnect the packs and find the problem

Safe Parallel Adapters prevent fires

They protect against reverse-polarity between balance wiring and main pack wiring

They protect you when you have a shorted, or near-shorted cell in a pack

They protect you when you have a high-resistance cell in a pack

They alert you if you make a mistake and connect 2 different cell-count packs together in parallel

Online Testimonial:

I just "tested" this piece of equipment quite by accident a couple days ago. . . Plugged one 5S-5000 balance plug in properly, then got distracted and tried to plug in the other balance plug "inverted" Yes, a direct short + to - and - to +. Heard a little snap, saw a little flash, and then . . . Nothing. I noticed that the two Red indicators had turned Black on the balance board, I quickly unplugged the second pack. I waited a few seconds, plugged the second battery in (properly this time), and all is well. . . the indicators turned back to Red in a minute and I was back to 20 amp charging. I'm not recommending that anyone try to recreate my little "experiment", just throwing it out there in case anyone is still scared of parallel charging.

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