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FPV Stryker Flight with CPII Installed

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This magnificent video clip was sent in by Alaa Rostom.  He lives in southern Alberta by the Rockies and got into RC planes about 2 years ago.  He just started first person flying this year.


The Stryker is custom built from standard parts, but uses a 6 series – 2200 kv e-flite motor, Castle Creations Phoenix 35A ESC, Spectrum AR7000 receiver, FPV camera,  and transmitter receivers from New Generation Hobbies.


“The reason, the Copilot II system is so important to me is that, it significantly helps me transition from normal RC flight to sitting down and looking at the monitor to  start flying FPV knowing the plane is flying level. Also I am using the eagle tree on screen display system which has a return to home function in case of loss of video or the plane drifts out of control range. The system requires flight stabilization for an inherently unstable plane like the Stryker.”